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Art heals what words can’t

Angelica Rose Art ties us to the tide of our emotions. 

My paintings are as calming as the waves, They heal like the salt of the sea.

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Growing up I have always been active whether it was cheerleading, running, acting, dance, you name it, but it wasn't till my fifth grade year that I began to struggle and disconnect. When I was ten, I soon found myself struggling with my vision, comprehension and balance while enduring severe headaches and memory loss. As my parents’ concerns progressed, they became frustrated with my practitioners diagnoses of a cold. Soon later, I had a MRI which placed me in the hospital that night and surgery immediately, as I was on the verge of a coma…. continue reading




Friendly Reminder 


Although beautiful, resin can be harmful if you do not protect yourself properly, so its a good to practice this art safely. In saying this, wear always wear a face mask, gloves and other recommended safety equipment. 




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Orlando, Florida 

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